CoverMediumRib hull cloth is specially developed for Rib boats. With a recess in the file on the canvas, you get the engine in about 60 cm, which means that the entire pontoons on the rib boat are protected against overgrowth. The ribs are also used for some motorboats where the gear is located a bit into the hull.

CoverMediumRib hull protective cloth is for you who make demands on durability and function. the construction is the same as on the Cover Medium, the cloth has proper buoyancy and you rely on the CoverMediumRib to close tightly around the entire hull, creating an oxygen-poor environment without UV light input. Which minimizes the risk of overgrowth, even in more exposed bridge locations such as the coastal belt. Fits all Rib boats.

Lifespan about 6 – 7 years

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