This is how it works

All Cleanboats hull protection cloths prevent unwelcome growth on your hull. You simply do not have to paint the bottom, brush and wash the boat.

Without cloth

  • UV-Light
  • Nutrition supply
  • Oxygenation
  • Everything can live here!

With cloth

The floating element of the cloth make sure that it closes tightly around the hull and thus blocks out the light. Likewise, the hull protective cloth counteracts the supply of nutrients and oxygen, which is a prerequisite for something to be able to grow and live.

  • No light
  • No nutrition
  • No oxygen

Regardless of whether your boat is moored at the y-boom, piles, stern buoy or along the pier, our hull protective cloths work well.
When the boat runs up on the cloth, the cloth is pushed down and forms around the hull and all light is shut out. A gap of nutrient- and oxygen-poor water is then formed between the boat and the cloth, which prevents growth on the hull.

Easy boat ownership

Everyone who has a boat knows how much work it takes to get rid of vegetation and barnacles. With Cleanboat’s hull safety cloth, you do not have to worry about what your hull looks like after a whole season at the jetty.

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