Seaweed on the hull?

utan skrovduk

If the hull looks like a botanical garden when the boat is up on your trailer it is easy to get frustrated. Modern bottom paints without copper can sometimes be perceived as ineffective. It is often necessary to apply several layers of new paint every year to be on the safe side. Sea grass, algae and barnacles grow for a large part of the boating season and this places demands on the effectiveness of the bottom paints.

Apart from the fact that bottom paint has the same price per liter as a better vintage wine, the problem is that whatever we paint on the hull, it leaks into our waters. And a poison is a poison. You cannot foresee all future consequences and there are plenty of past examples of that. With hull canvas installed under the boat, you don’t have to worry, barnacles, seaweed and other growth are effectively kept away from your boat’s hull. And that without harming our marine environment.