Here we have collected the most common questions that our customers have.

How long does the hull protection covers last?

Cover / CoverRib lasts about 10-12 years and CoverMedium / CoverMediumRib lasts about 6-7 years. CoverLight has a slightly shorter lifespan. Up to 5 years.

What happens if the mooring place is exposed to a lot of waves and wind?

The cover withstands waves and wind and actually dampens the waves. A boat lying on the cover is calmer than a boat without a canvas.

Isn't it harder to get into the mooring place and moor?

On the contrary, moorings with drift and wind will now be easier. As soon as the bow enters the cover, the boat stabilizes and you can calmly steer the boat without drift. In addition, the boat stops whenever you want due to the cover - no risk of collision with the pier. Then the boat is still and you can moor the boat in peace and quiet.

What happens when I am away from the mooring place e.g. on vacation, will there be growth on the hull?

The small growth that perhaps begins to form dies and disappears when you return to the mooring place and start using your boat.

Does the bow thruster work when the boat is on the hull cover?

When the bow is so far up on the cover that the tunnel to the bow thruster is covered, it does not work. It does not matter as in that situation you have no need for a bow thruster. See the question "Will it be more difficult to get into the mooring and moor?" However, the cover protects against overgrowth in the tunnel.

Can the hull protection cover be insured?

With most insurance companies, you can insure a hull cover. Normally counted as an accessory to the boat.

How do you protect the hull cover against theft?

All new Cover and CoverMedium covers today have an ID badge at the front.

Does the hull cover also protect the transom?

The cover only partially protects the transom against marine growth depending on the boat and engine type. Any marine growth on the transom does not affect speed and fuel consumption.

What happens if the hull cover is damaged. A tear or a hole?

The cover is designed so that it continues to float and protect the boat from growth. Contact us. We have a repair kit for that type of situations.

Can the hull cover be stored outdoors during the winter?

That is no problem.

Is it difficult to clean the hull cover when picking it up?

You just need to clean the cover so much that most of the marine growth comes off. The cover will anyway be back in the water next season.